As a leading manufacturer of play and functional dolls, Zapf Creation AG regards the safety and quality of its products as a top priority.

Toy safety

As the safety of your children is very important to us, our brand’s high-quality play concepts (BABY born,  Baby Annabell, Sally and Dolly Moda including accessories) are subject to ongoing comprehensive quality and safety testing processes, both internally and externally. The company’s own quality and safety specifications often significantly exceed legal requirements.

How do we ensure the quality of our products?

Like many other toy manufacturers, Zapf Creation AG produces its high quality branded play concepts in the Far East. This long-standing collaboration with select suppliers is based on standardised quality and safety requirements. 

What is tested and how?

A lengthy process takes place before the Zapf Creation AG product reaches your child. Even before production, numerous test phases are carried out. During the development stage, technical and physical properties are tested in our own laboratories and then again by authorised test centres just before production begins.
The analysis for electrical safety, electro-magnetic compatibility and health standards (chemical, micro-biological and hygiene tests) are carried out exclusively by highly qualified experts from independent accredited testing institutes (i.e. recognised by the state). This ensures that your child can play in safety.
Strict monitoring processes are in force to ensure that the products meet the company’s own specifications and any legal standards and requirements. Quality control inspectors regularly inspect incoming goods for raw materials, packaging, storage and shipping of the products in addition to the production process as a whole. 

In short

All items produced by Zapf Creation AG are tested by accredited test centres to ensure that they conform with all legal standards as well as being checked to ensure that they meet the customer and company’s own requirements before being sold on the market. 

Zapf Creation AG holds the relevant certificates and test reports for every product. When purchasing a Zapf Creation AG product, you can be sure that it will comply in full with the requirements stipulated by European safety standard EN 71 for toys as well as any additional legal requirements.  

Production standards

Socially responsible production standards in China

Zapf Creation AG stands for safe and high quality toys. We consider this our responsibility to our customers and consumers worldwide. Needless to say, we also bring this sense of responsibility to the way our products are manufactured. We live out our social responsibility as a 'corporate citizen' accordingly, even given, or perhaps especially, in today's globalised world.

Partnership and long-term commitment – Our credo for ensuring reasonable working conditions in toy production

All Zapf Creation AG play concepts are linked by high standards of quality, design and play value. To safeguard this, we work together with selected Asian producers, to whom we are often linked by a trusting business relationship that stretches back many years. Zapf Creation AG introduced a code of conduct (COC) as early as 1995, defining the social standards and occupational safety measures to be adhered to by the suppliers. 

The fundamental principles of Zapf Creation AG work and social standards

In October 2002, the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) issued the ICTI Code of Business Practices (COBP), providing uniform social standards and a system for independent inspection which is to be used in toy factories around the world. The ICTI was founded in 1974 and is a trade association which, as a non-profit organisation, currently represents the interests of 20 national toymaker associations. The products of its member countries cover the full spectrum of toys and toy-related goods. 

As early as October 2002, Zapf Creation AG was one of the first German companies to undertake to apply this code of conduct to its suppliers.
The suppliers are subjected to an auditing process in which the following fundamental principles are checked and certified by an independent certification institute:

Key topics

Fundamental principles

Child labour

No employment of minors

Working hours

Binding working hours, permissible overtime


Reasonable pay, overtime compensation, other social benefits provided by the companies


No refusal of employment due to gender, ethnic origin, religion or membership of a social class or interest group

Working conditions / occupational safety

Measures for an appropriate working environment and adherence to safety and health protection standards

Fire protection

Emergency lighting and exits, evacuation plans including reflective guidelines on the ground, quarterly fire drills

First aid

First aid equipment in every production room, trained first aid staff, local hospital nearby.

Production safety  

Safety equipment for all machines, safety training at the machines, eyewash stations in rooms with chemical materials, regular maintenance of electrical machines, extraction units in workspaces.  Safety equipment for workers: provision of protective goggles, face masks and working gloves.

Social standards

Appropriate accommodation for workers, clean and proper workspaces, hygienic kitchens and canteens, clean toilets and washrooms of a reasonable standard

Environmental protection

Adherence to environmental protection laws

Zapf Creation AG is driving forward the auditing process for its suppliers

It is very important to Zapf Creation AG that its suppliers adhere to the provisions of the ICTI Code of Business Practices. All suppliers must have successfully completed the audit process and possess the relevant certificate. Furthermore, the ICTI Code of Business Practices demands a regular independent monitoring process:

  • The audits are carried out by independent, accredited testing institutes
  • The testing institutes make planned and unannounced visits to the plants
  • The internal documents on production and pay are checked
  • Surveys and anonymous interviews are held with staff
  • Further checks are made by the staff of trading partners

In order to emphasise the significance of social standards, Zapf Creation AG makes every effort only to work together with suppliers who verifiably implement the ICTI code of conduct and who have a certificate from an approved external testing institute to prove this. And we go one step further: Zapf Creation AG initiates projects for more personal responsibility and a more powerful voice for factory workers. 

Zapf Creation's AG top priority is to achieve safety at work and protection against health risks at its suppliers. That is why, in April 2002, Zapf Creation AG became the first company in the toy industry to start a pilot project in cooperation with the relevant local non-governmental organisations (NGO) and a supplier, in order to inform and educate factory staff about the issues of occupational safety and health protection. These training courses, previously only used by suppliers in the clothing industry, can rightly be considered an outstanding success in the toy industry. The pilot project brought members of a non-governmental organisation, manufacturers, factory managers and factory workers to the same table for the first time, allowing the training programme to be driven forward in a joint partnership. 

The goal of the programme was to draw workers' attention to possible health risks and sources of danger during the production process and to inform them about protective measures in a targeted way. In addition, factory workers are given the skills they need to allow them to find solutions to risk situations independently. The pilot programme was successfully completed at the end of 2002.

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