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As of 2021, we are no longer using plastic packaging!

Why use plastic-free packaging?

For the future of our children!

At Zapf Creation, we understand how important it is to avoid single-use plastic packaging. We contribute to protecting our environment by giving preference to materials that are easier to recycle.

After all, plastic does not belong in the environment. Of the 78 million metric tonnes of plastic packaging used annually around the world, 32 per cent end up in the environment. This corresponds to about 25 million metric tonnes – an amount that is far too large (source: WWF 2020).

For this reason, we have decided to ban plastic from our packaging as far as possible starting in 2021.

The sunflower marks plastic-free packaging.

But aren’t our dolls also made of plastic? Does that even make any sense?

Of course that makes sense!
Unlike the packaging, which is usually thrown away, the doll stays with a child for many years. And later on, many mothers even pass down their favourite dolls to their own children.

What does plastic-free packaging mean for Zapf Creation?

  • No plastic blisters
  • No plastic fasteners
  • No plastic windows in the packaging
  • Minimal use of adhesive tape
  • Printing on paper and cardboard with water-soluble inks

What does plastic-free packaging mean for you as a customer?

  • You still benefit from a high-quality product
  • Our products no longer have viewing windows, but instead feature large images, ideally
  • showing the content in 1:1 format
  • Frustration-free unpacking
  • The packaging can simply be disposed of with the waste paper

What does the packaging look like, for example?

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Theme Worlds
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