BABY born Little Girl 36cm

The little version of BABY born with 7 great functions, which all work without batteries, comes seven accessories.

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36 cm


2+ years


Item description

The doll girl has 7 great functions, which all work without batteries. And she brings along the accessories needed to support these functions.
She drinks water from her bottle. Then she can do a wee in her nappy or pink potty, and even cry real tears. Besides drinking from her bottle, she tries eating from a plate with a spoon, but without porridge or other solid food for now. And she’s doing quite well with the bunny-shaped plate and the spoon with a bear-like handle. 
After lunch, it’s time to take a nap. When you lay the little doll on her back, she closes her sleeping eyes. Sometimes she also needs her dummy in order to fall asleep. It is sown onto the romper so it doesn’t disappear underneath the bed or get lost when on the go. 
Her arms, legs and head are extremely mobile. Her mobility and outfits designed in easy-fit-style mean even the smallest of hands are able to put them on and take them off very easily. Taking clothes off is especially important before bathing.
Her 36cm mean Little has the perfect size for children from age 2.

  • BABY born Little
  • With 7 lifelike functions for lots of fun.
  • Varied (role) play with BABY born boosts the imagination and has been proven to support the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy.
  • No batteries required.

BABY born Little Girl 36cm with romper and hat. Includes 1 potty, 1 cloth nappy, 1 bottle, 1 plate with spoon, 1 dummy and 1 birth certificate.

Doll functions

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