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My Little BABY born®
Super Soft Girl

Super soft, super cuddly and super playful, that’s My Little BABY born® Super Soft Girl. Romper on, romper off, hat on, hat off, dummy in, dummy out – Super Soft is ideal for practising first role play. The plush romper with sleepy bunny print is designed in line with the easy FIT style. The cut, fit and fastenings are designed so the smallest of hands are able to put the romper on and take it off easily. The dummy is attached to the romper so it can’t get lost. Once the little one is tired from all that playing, she closes her eyes when she’s laid on her back.

• My Little BABY born® Super Soft branded doll
• For playing, cuddling, to help the child sleep and as an introduction to parent-child role play
• The doll's body is made of fabric with soft and cuddly stuffing
• easy FIT style – perfect for the smallest of hands, particularly easy to put on and take off
• 32 centimetres long
• Suitable for babies and small children from 12 months

My Little BABY born® Super Soft Girl with sleeping eyes wears a romper and hat. Including dummy.

Item-No.: 825334
Safety tested ohne Batterie
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