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BABY born®
Pyjamas with Shoes

“Yawn!” No, BABY born® is not at all tired, not one bit. The little one just doesn’t want to go to bed again, as she’s afraid she might miss something. But we’re putting her short pyjamas on anyway so that she’s ready for bed and can then join us on the balcony in the evening sun for a while. The adorable one-piece in pink is printed with funny raindrops and Berta the duck in a bathing cap. The elastic with a bow at the belly ensures that nothing slips out of place. The shoes with three funny pins to decorate yourself offer perfect protection against the cold bathroom tiles or on the balcony.

• Original clothing for the BABY born® branded doll.
• Extends the play options, sparks the imagination and encourages creative role play.
• Very easy to put on and take off.

BABY born® Shorty Pyjamas with Shoes and three funny pins. Including colour-coordinated clothes hanger.

Item-No.: 824634
Safety tested ohne Batterie
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