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BABY born®
Summerdress Set with pins

Summer, sun, sunshine, what could be better… BABY born® in her cute summer dress of course. A perfect airy outfit for the beach or garden party.
The stylish dress is layered and has playful frilly sleeves.  Adorable happy prints decorate the pink colour gradient. BABY born® teams the outfit with a pink hairband with 12 different pins to design yourself. The hairband looks really good in the long blond hair of BABY born® Sister. She almost looks like a little flower girl.

• Original clothing for the BABY born® branded doll.
• Extends the play options, sparks the imagination and encourages creative role play.
• Very easy to put on and take off.

BABY born® Summer Dress Set with pins with dress and hairband with 12 interchangeable pins. Including clothes hangers.

Item-No.: 824481
Safety tested ohne Batterie
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