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BABY born Animal Friends Unicorn

Last night, BABY born dreamed she was walking on a rainbow. Surrounded by star dust, she met a soft, white unicorn. The horn of the cute animal friend glows and she greets everybody with an adorable unicorn sound. BABY born is fascinated by it every time. She loves to comb the colourful mane and tail of the unicorn and creates imaginative hair styles that are held in place by the three hair clips. When she is finished combing, it is time to attach the pink saddle so BABY born can ride on her new friend. Gently pressing the left ear sets the sparkling hooves of the unicorn in motion. Then the two ride over the rainbow, surrounded by star dust.

•    High-quality accessories and original clothing for the BABY born branded doll
•    For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play

BABY born Animal Friends Unicorn with movement and sound effect. Includes saddle, comb and 3 hair clips.

Item-No.: 828854
Safety tested

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