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BABY born®

Lights on for lots of fun in the tub! A touch of a button starts the bathtub’s automatic shower function, with unique light and sound effects. The base of the tub lights up in all the colours of the rainbow, and a melody and bathing sounds can be heard as water pours out of the shower head. This can be pulled out a little to make it easier to wash BABY born®’s feet. Berta the rubber duck is happy to accompany BABY born® during her bath and makes sure she doesn’t stay in the tub so long that she starts growing fins.

• Premium accessories for the BABY born® branded doll
• For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play
• Requires batteries (included)

BABY born® Bathtub with light and sound effects. Includes rubber duck.

Item-No.: 824610
Safety tested
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