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BABY born®
Interactive Wonderland Dragon

“Roooaaarrr!!!” Don't worry, she just wants to say hi! BABY born®'s cheeky dragon with its cuddly soft purple fur is a real sweetheart. Her eyes and her nostrils start shining and it makes funny welcoming noises when you tap the forehead with the magic wand. If you continue to tap her, the adorable Dragon Mommy starts stomping around. While walking she flaps her sparkling wings enthusiastically and makes all sorts of fun noises.

BABY born® loves her Wonderland Dragon more than anything, because sometimes she lets her ride on  through Wonderland. The female Dragon also has a little dragon's surprise.

• High-quality accessories for the BABY born® branded doll
• For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play
• Requires batteries (included)

BABY born® Interactive Wonderland Dragon incl. magic wand, with movement, light and sound effects and dragon egg with baby dragon.

Item-No.: 822456
Safety tested
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