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BABY born Trend Knitwear 43cm

One stitch to the right, one stitch to the left, and don’t drop any ... and in the end you have some chic knitwear. BABY born looks especially cute and adorable in knitwear. Two cute little birds are knitted into her white dress. It almost looks as if they are passing a knitting needle from beak to beak and swapping the latest handicraft tips. Or perhaps they just love each other very much and are billing and cooing. This comes with matching white leggings which take up the colourful stripes of the top in their detailed motifs.

• Original clothing for the BABY born branded doll
• Expands the possibilities for play, sparks the imagination and encourages creative role play
• Very easy to put on and take off

BABY born Trend Knitwear 43cm set with dress and leggings. Including clothes hangers.

Item-No.: 826966
Safety tested ohne Batterie
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