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BABY born Deluxe Outdoor Fun 43cm

“BABY born, what are you doing in the summerhouse? I see, you’re looking for the watering can...” The playful outdoor fan wants to bake sandcake with chestnut filling and leaf topping. And of course that only works if the sand is all nice and wet. So it’s convenient that BABY born’s splash outfit comes with a complete hooded overall. The comfortable one-piece with yellow zip is printed with fun motifs in the colours of the rainbow. BABY born can wear her orange wellies with adorable pins to match. After splashing about, the best thing to do is to jump into the puddles that you have made. But watch out, BABY born might shoot water at you with her Berta the duck water pistol!

• Original clothing for the BABY born branded doll
• Expands the possibilities for play, sparks the imagination and encourages creative role play
• Very easy to put on and take off

BABY born Deluxe Outdoor Fun 43cm with overall and wellies. Including duck-shaped water pistol.

Item-No.: 826935
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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