9 Functions

BABY born® has lots of lifelike functions which all work without a battery: crying, sleeping, drinking from her bottle, using the potty and much more...
1. I can cry
I can cry

Your BABY born® can cry real tears.

BABY born® is tired.
BABY born® is hungry.
2. I can sleep
I can sleep

When BABY born® goes to sleep, she closes her eyes.

She is moving while sleeping.
After getting up she prefers her bottle.
3. I can drink
I can drink

Your BABY born® can drink from her bottle.

Afterwards she wets her nappy.
Or she uses her potty.
4. I can wet my nappy
I can wet my nappy
5. I can eat
I can eat
6. & 7. I can use the potty
I can use the potty

I can do a wee-wee and a poo when pressing my tummy.

After pooing BABY born® moves happily.
And she can take a bath.
8. I’m fully bathable
I’m fully bathable

You can even give BABY born® a real bath.

Spalishing in the bath tup is great fun.
And makes hungry.
9. I am movable
I am movable

Your BABY born® can move her head, arms and legs.

Moving makes thirsty.
Change the nappy before playing.

Relating to dolls and role play