9 Functions

BABY born‘s new soft touch body makes you want to cuddle her even more. Her 9 lifelike functions, which all work without battery, have been refined for even more playing fun.
1. I can cry
I can cry

Now BABY born can cry real doll tears even more easily by softly pressing the upper chest.

2. I can sleep
I can sleep

When BABY born goes to sleep, she closes her eyes.

3. I can drink
I can drink

Your BABY born can drink from her bottle.

4. I can wet my nappy
I can wet my nappy

You can change BABY born’s nappy.

5. I can eat
I can eat

BABY born can be fed with BABY born porridge.

6. & 7. I can use the potty
I can use the potty

BABY born can do a wee-wee and a poo into the potty by pressing her new intuitively operating belly button.

8. I’m fully bathable
I’m fully bathable

You can even give BABY born a real bath.

9. I am movable
I am movable


BABY born’s arms are even more moveable now for easier dressing and undressing.


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