BABY born Little’s 7 functions

Doll parents from age two can start role playing and learning about baby care with the 36cm doll with Soft Touch body. For her seven functions, that all work without batteries, she brings along seven accessories.

36 cm


2+ years


1. I can drink

The little one gets the bottle.

A little girl with blond curly hair is sitting on a sofa. The Little Boy in the blue romper is laying on her legs. She feeds him with the bottle.
The Little Girl in the pink romper has tears in the eyes and one tear is running down the cheek.

2. I can cry

Even the happiest doll child sometimes cries.

3. I can wet my nappy

The little one does a wee into the nappy when pressing the tummy.

The Little Boy just wears a nappy and his cap. He is holding is arms high in the air. The little blond girl is sitting behind him and presses his belly button with both hands.
A little girl is sitting on a sofa. Next to her, the Little Girl is sitting on a pink potty with pulled up romper. The girl presses her belly button.

4. I can use the potty

The little one makes a wee into the potty, when you press her tummy.

5. I can sleep

The little one closes the sleeping eyes, when you lay her on the back.

The Little Boy is laying on a yellow cushion with his eyes closed.
The Little Girl is sitting in a pink bathtub with lots of foam. Her pink romper and the cap are laying on a yellow cushion next to the tub.

6. I am bathable

Bathing fun with the little one.

7. I am moveable

The arms, the legs and the head of the little one are super moveable. Putting clothes on and off becomes a child’s play.

The Little Girl and the Little Boy are having a pillow fight.

BABY born Soft Touch Little 36cm

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