BABY born’s 9 functions

BABY born Soft Touch is perfect for cuddles. The body has become softer and suppler, so that the nine lifelike functions, which all work without batteries, are even easier to play with and that putting on and taking off the colourful clothes is easy for little ones.

43 cm


3+ years


1. I can cry

Now BABY born can cry real doll tears even more easily by softly pressing ther upper chest.

NEW A blond girl with bun is sitting behind the BABY born Girl in the light pink romper and presses her chest with both hands.
The BABY born Boy is laying on some cushions in the blue romper with his eyes closed.

2. I can sleep

When you lay BABY born on her back, she closes her eyes.

3. I can drink

Your BABY born can drink from her bottle.

The blond girl is sitting on the floor with crossed legs. She is holding the Girl in the pink romper in her arm and feeds her with the bottle.
The Girl is laying on a cushion with her nappy opened.

4. I can wet my nappy

Your BABY born needs a new nappy now and then.

5. I can eat

BABY born can be fed with BABY born porridge.

The blond girl is sitting on a cushion with crossed legs and has the BABY born Boy in the blue romper on her leg. She feeds im BABY born porridge with the spoon from the plate.
NEW The BABY born Girl with the pink romper is sitting on a pink potty. The blond girl is kneeling next the her, pressing the belly button of the doll.

6. & 7. I can use the potty

BABY born can do a wee-wee and a poo into the potty by pressing her new intuitively operating belly button.

8. I’m fully bathable

You can even give BABY born a real bath.

The Girl is laying in the bathtub with foam. Her pink romper and the cap are laying on a cushion next to the tub.
NEW Both girls are standing infront of a wall back-to-back. The Boy is standing next to them with his arms liftet high into the air.

9. I am movable

BABY born’s arms are even more moveable now for easier dressing and undressing.

BABY born Soft Touch 43cm

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